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Welcome to the Creative Respite Blog. We are a blog for artists, written by artists, with a focus on the practical and psychological aspects of creativity. 

Working with various themes, we will present advice, insight and information from professional and other practicing artists on a range of topics, integral to the creative process.


Our Latest Posts on the theme of ‘Inspiration

Eoin Lane on Inspiration

‘Inspiration is when everything just seems to align and afterwards, you look at it and wonder ‘How did I do that?’’

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Robert Rhodes on Inspiration

‘My pictures are very emotional statements, and are guided, I think, by a progression of impulses that show me the way.’

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Nichola Campbell on Inspiration

‘For me, inspiration is something to feed and encourage. All you need is a spark of interest to get you going and from this you grow more inspired upon new discoveries. It all starts with something that I’m fascinated by, or admire’

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Katy Brown on Inspiration

‘The foremost inspirational trigger for my paintings is being consumed by landscape, to the point where the moment I am in is completely absorbed by that experience. That moment, and in turn an evolutionary journey sparked by that experience…’

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Luke E Tucker on Inspiration

‘Ultimately it’s the work that unlocks the elusive door to inspiration. Very rarely does inspiration just appear out of thin air. In my experience, inspiration is something that is sought after and usually comes after a series of failures…….’

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R.K.Blades on Inspiration

‘Inspiration is the spark that can ignite a fire but for me, painting is the fuel that sustains that fire. The spark is only part of the process, creative action is the fuel……’

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