Inspiration by Nichola Campbell

Working from her studio near Lewes in East Sussex, Nichola’s ink paintings and collages convey an appreciation for the natural world. Inspired by the environment around her such as the forests and coastline of Sussex, her work is imbued with a romanticism and deep connection to the landscape.

Nichola’s approach is experimental, using lightfast inks, she often incorporates the picture frame as part of the work, creating fascinating paintings that invite the viewer into the landscape.

Black Rock, Ink framescape

In this Q&A Nichola talks about Inspiration and what first inspired her to paint, how inspiration informs her work now and advice on how artists can make the most of inspiration.


What first inspired you to paint? Is there a particular painting, Artist or movement that inspired you the most?

I spent a lot of time drawing, painting and making things as a child and I was probably inspired to do so because I was struggling with reading and other work at school. I started painting again about 7 years ago because I think there was a need inside me to express myself creatively to achieve a feeling of being content. I’m not sure there is any specific painting, Artist or movement that has inspired me the most, but I have loved visiting the British Museum and my favourite place is the V&A because I am also interested in art history and the decorative arts.

Mantle of Autumn, Ink framescape

What are your thoughts on inspiration and how does it influence your work? Is inspiration essential to paint or start a painting?

For me, inspiration is something to feed and encourage. All you need is a spark of interest to get you going and from this you grow more inspired upon new discoveries. It all starts with something that I’m fascinated by, or admire, it’s personal of course but it can be anything, from the way light hits a surface, a colour one loves, a period in history, a person, an experience or an emotion. My habit is to learn more and more about what I’m curious about and then with a greater understanding, you can do it in your own way.

Riding the Breeze, Ink framescape
Autumn Spectacular, Ink on panel

What advice would you give other Artists on finding inspiration?

Rediscover your child-like interest in things, try to forget about everything else that is going on around you and just be true to yourself and your work.

See more of Nichola’s work on her website and follow him on Instagram @nichola.campbell

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