Inspiration by Eoin Lane

Eoin Lane is an Irish landscape artist and a writer. Whether through his use of language and the written word or though his paintings, Eoin represents a deep love of and synchronicity with the landscape of his native Ireland. His colour palette and the textures found in his paintings bring to life the ancient landscapeContinue reading “Inspiration by Eoin Lane”

Inspiration by Robert Rhodes

Robert Rhodes lives and works in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His abstract paintings are both expressive and colourful and often reflect his appreciation of the landscape. Created using heavy layers of oil paint, Robert’s paintings embody a deep sense of poetry and contemplation. The thick oil paint becomes part of the painting’s identity and the luscious impastoContinue reading “Inspiration by Robert Rhodes”

Inspiration by Nichola Campbell

Working from her studio near Lewes in East Sussex, Nichola’s ink paintings and collages convey an appreciation for the natural world. Inspired by the environment around her such as the forests and coastline of Sussex, her work is imbued with a romanticism and deep connection to the landscape. Nichola’s approach is experimental, using lightfast inks,Continue reading “Inspiration by Nichola Campbell”

Inspiration by Luke E Tucker

Luke Tucker is an oil painter based out of the Columbia River Gorge. Through his moody and often muted landscapes, he explores his Pacific Northwest home, using memories and photographs to guide his hand. Luke picked up the brush after years of struggling with addiction, searching for a discipline to anchor him in sobriety. He has established his own style and breed of tonal landscape that is ethereally atmospheric and distinct. Luke currently lives in The Dalles, OR with his wife and son.

Inspiration by Katy Brown

Katy Brown has exhibited in London, Bath, Cornwall and her native home, Jersey. For the last twenty years she has painted the ethereal landscapes of both Jersey and Cornwall, where she now lives as artist in residence on the Earl of Edgcumbe’s Estate. Inspiration from nature and its transient elements have always been integral toContinue reading “Inspiration by Katy Brown”

Inspiration by R.K.Blades

Richard K Blades is an artist from the UK. Working in the English Romantic Tradition of Landscape painting, his work is very much focused on the emotional impression that the landscape creates. Often capturing fleeting moments in time, the ephemeral and sublime nature of light is a key inspiration for his Oil Paintings. Richard isContinue reading “Inspiration by R.K.Blades”